Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updates on Cancer Treatments!

Hi Everybody, Sorry I have not made any postings. I thought I had but discovered I had only written them in the word processor but never got them to the blog. BAD, BAD Girl.

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged. Much has happened and I will try to catch everyone up as quick as possible. I will list these post in cronilogical order and try to get everyone caught up within a couple of days.

This is the "Post" I wrote in Jan 2008.

I last wrote in October and I was on the Taxol at that point. I was on Taxol until December 6th (my last treatment) and I thought I actually had done pretty good getting through with it. Unfortunately I got Taxol Toxcitity and during the month of December and January I have
had three toenails on each foot turn red and one started bleeding from under the nail. I have had continual edima in my left foot and had to go in early for a Mugga Scan , the end of December instead of the middle of Jan. I also had to have a Doppler Veinese done on my left leg at that time. My doctor was worried about a blood clot in my left leg and heart problems from the Herceptin that I am still taking on a weekly basis. Both test came out negative and I am now wearing support hose trying to get the swelling down in my left foot. On the nice side, my husband and I had a great holiday visiting with family and friends.