Saturday, April 30, 2011

Use Music to Soothe Cancer Treatments

Listening to music can be good therapy for people undergoing cancer treatment, according to recent research. The American Cancer Society reports that music therapy can help reduce pain and relieve chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Studies also have shown that listening to music can slow your heart and breathing rate, reduce blood pressure, improve mood and even help you sleep better.

Here are some easy ways to get your musical "dose":

Bring an iPod or CD player with a headset to medical appointments. Listen to classical music, instrumental arrangements or anything you find soothing in the waiting room or during chemo infusions.

Tune your car radio to easy-listening stations. Or, listen to favorite CDs while driving to or from the clinic or hospital. Avoid jarring tunes and downbeat news stations.

If you play a musical instrument, carve out time for personal jam sessions.

Sing along to your favorite tunes-don't by shy!

this article was in the Healthmonitor Magazine, Feb/Mar 2011.

Check for this magazine at your doctors office, they have some great articles.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jennie-O Turkey Burger Recall, Does it effect you?

On April 2, 2011, Jennie-O Turkey Store, owned by Hormel, issued a recall of 55, 000 pounds of frozen ground turkey burgers that may be contaminated with Salmonella, according to US Dept of Agricultures Food Safety and Inspection Service. The recall pertains to packages of “All Natural Turkey Burgers with seasonings Lean White Meat” with a “use by” date of December 23, 2011.

The ground turkey, which comes in four pound boxes containing 12 patties, is sold exclusively at Sam’s Club. Consumers who have purchased the product should not consume it and return it to a Sam’s Club for a full refund, Jennie-O said.

If you are a cancer patient and on chemotherapy, or have any other immune weakness for an illness or age, infants and the elderly, Salmonella infections can be life-threatening. Salmonella's is caused by consumption of food contaminated with Salmonella and is one of the most common bacterial food borne illnesses. The most common symptoms of the Salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever (according the FSIS). Additional symptoms may be chills, vomiting and nausea that can last up to 7 days.

Be sure to check your Turkey Burger Packages NOW!

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