Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Wishes for ALL! Health, Wealth, Peace

We all are wishing for a Happy New Year!
We want 2010 to be the start of a New and Exciting
future for everyone.
We hope that the Economy will improve, Peace will
be instilled in all man and Health will be a prime item on every one's mind.
We are the builders of our Wishes and this is how we start.
Wealth starts at home. Watch how we spend our money, invest wisely, and get control of our finances and plan for the future.
Peace starts with giving of ourselves. To family, friends, church, neighbors, strangers, the sick and also the homeless. We all, at one time or the other, have needed a helping hand. If you are in the position, you can be that helping hand to others. Make a phone call to the elderly or the sick. See if there is anything you can do, even if it is just the phone call, it will mean so much to them. Visit, you do not have to talk a lot, just let them talk to you. Listening is a great healer for the person telling the story.
Give a caregiver a break. Caring for a terminally ill or chronically ill person takes a lot out of you. Even getting a 30 minute to an hour break can make all the difference in their day.
If you are able, make a donation to your favorite charity. Money is tight and many charities are having a hard time continuing the great work they do. If you are not able to donate money, donate a little of your time. Volunteers are always needed. Just look in your local paper and you will find article after article letting you know what is needed. Check with your local United Way and they may be able to give you more information.
Health is the most important thing we can give ourselves. Try to take better care of yourself. Good health will make it easier to concentrate, think and keep the mind and body sharper. Learn to deal with Stress. Stress is a main contributor to so many ailments. Your body converts stress into a contributing agent leading to depression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and everyday aches and pains. Try to have a positive attitude (I know that can be hard in this environment but the negativity of stress just makes it worse, I know first hand)
Exercise! If you are depressed and sore from sitting around, Stretch! You don't have to do Jumping Jacks but if you just sit there you only make it worse. Move around, get a hobby (it does not have to be an expensive hobby, whittle, do decoupage, knit, do woodworking, stamp collecting, read (Library books are free and they have movies too). If you have a computer start researching your favorite subjects. Get your mind moving. If you can't work, as I said, Volunteer at a local charity. Giving will make you feel better and help you realize you are not alone out there. There are a lot of people dealing with similar problems. Helping others will help you. You may even meet someone that can help you out of your situation.
Watch what you eat. Start the New Year saying you will eat a healthier diet and if you are over weight that you will shred those extra pound. You will be amazed how much better you will feel with every 5 pounds you lose. As you lose weight, check out the local consignment shops for new clothes and save money as you go down in sizes. Take your old, larger size clothes to the consignment shops and make some money with them for extra spending cash.
Well, These are some of my goals and I hope they have given you some ideas for yourselves. The past year has been be rough for my family with my cancer, my husband out of work, my sister being ill, my brother losing his job and more. But I am optimistic that 2010 will be a better year for us all. But we are the ones that have to make it so!
I wish all of you the Best Health, Wealth, and Peace in the coming year and may 2010 be Great for us all.
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