Friday, July 24, 2009

WoodWorking Books and Back issues of Magazines in my eBay Store.

Just a quick note today to let any woodworkers out there know that I have some great woodworking books and back issues of magazines in my eBay store. Most of these books are like new. Some were never opened. My father-in-law was an avid woodworker and loved to order books. There were many that had never been looked at more than once before he passed away from cancer. Woodturning, Carving, Furniture, Minitures; he collected them all. I have more back issues of magazines being listed this weekend but right now I have Chip-Chats and Woodturning listed.

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I really appreciate all the help and hope everyone enjoys their purchases.

I also have some great gardening books available.

Good health to us all, Leigh

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lou Gehrig's Disease, VA Benefits, Widow's Benefit

I know my column is about my cancer and cancer information but I like to read Dear Abby everyday. This has helped me find out some great information for family and friends. Including the Heart Kit for Women and more.

In a recent column I found out some information that I feel should be out there for everyone who is a veteran or veteran's widow/widower. Anyone who knows of anyone in this situation should also pass on this information.

This information was sent in by Fred Campbell, EX-POW and Chairman of VA outreach for American Ex-Prisoners of War who wanted to alert all veterans (not just former POWs) of a recent VA ruling.

On Sept 23 2008, Lou Gehrig's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, was made a presumptive condition for all veterans who served in our armed forces for at least 90 days.

This means that the widows of those veterans who died of Lou Gehrig's disease in years past are eligible for the VA widows' monthly benefit, which is very substantial.

Many people are not aware that a veteran's death due to this disease is now considered service-connected. Fred states in his letter that he helped on one claim that involved an ALS death 46 years ago, in 1963.

Fred Campbell can be contacted at 3312 Chatterton Drive, San Angelo, TX 76904 and can be e-mailed at

I will continue to read Dear Abby and pass along anything I feel is of help.

Good Health and Happiness to all

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Patient Privacy is Disregarded and Abused by the Media, RE: Maura Tierney

More and More Celebrities are having their Medical Privacy invaded by the Media. Freedom of the Press is good but what happened to Decency. Just because someone is an actor or actress, or person of notority or fame, this should not give the media open season.

The new series "Parenthood" production was put on hold due to an actors medical condition. Maura Tierney, of "ER" fame, is one of the actors in the new series

In a media release by NBC over the weekend about the 'Parenthood" delay, NBC cited a "medical evaluation that valued cast member Maura Tierney is undergoing". Maybe the media experts at NBC need to think about the repercussions of their statements.

This "caused confusion and undue alarm about my health," Ms Tierney said, which lead to her going public about her condition.

She is recovering from surgery to remove a breast tumor. Maura said, in a statement to, that she would not know the exact diagnosis or course of treatment until after the surgery.

The need for Media Sensationalism by the Studio, and Newspapers, and all media, caused additional strain when none was needed. Going through the Unknown and waiting for the results from the surgery is stressful enough.

We hope and pray that Ms Tierney's results are benign. And if they are not we hope and pray that the media will have the decency to let her tell us when she is ready.

Farrah Fawcett said she came out and told the public herself so that the media would not have a field day with her illness and she could do it on her terms.

Anyone, going through cancer or any illness, has the right to tell family, friends, and if they want to, the public, on their terms. The media should not be making that decision for them.

Best wishes to Maura and her family. We hope for the best results.


Monday, July 13, 2009

After Chemo, Long or Short Hair, What to Do?

I have been trying to figure out what to do with my hair. Do I keep it cut short or grow it back to shoulder length. I have always had long hair as you can see from my before picture. I wasn't terribly bad looking with a bald head but I do not think I would want to keep that look. My hair has grown back in and is starting to get long enough to be cut (I did have it trimmed but was not happy with the way it was cut).

A while back there was a letter sent to "Dear Abby" from a young lady talked about how her aunt had just gone through chemo and lost her hair but it had grown back. Her aunt was keeping her hair cut short but she had always had long hair and the niece thought she should let it grow back long again. The niece could not understand why the woman did not want to grow it back long again.

Let me try to explain some of my feelings on the subject.

I always loved my long hair. I did not have to get it cut all the time and I could wash and hang dry. I did not like having to blow dry my hair because it was very thick and took a long time to blow dry so if I had to go out somewhere immediately that could be a problem. I color my hair. I have had a lot of gray in my hair since I was 20 years of age. So I color my hair. With long hair I could go longer between colorings. The roots did not show as much. But because my hair was thick sometimes (especially if I put my hair in a ponytail) I would get headaches from my hair.(This was especially true when my hair was down to my waist, the older I got the shorter my hair got until it was just shoulder length) Those are my pros and cons on long hair.

I wore no wigs during my chemo and except when my head was cold, no scarves. I did have two hats I wore during the summer to keep the sun off the top of my head. I did not mind being bald, easy shampoo and dry, no coloring etc.

I thought short hair might work out OK but I came to find you have to get it cut more often to keep a nice clean look. You have to color it more often because the roots show more. I do like the quick dry and style. My biggest problem is finding someone who can cut my hair to where I like the look. I guess I had long hair so long that I do not know what short look is right for me. I do not go for the spiked look. I like having the tops of my ears covered. I just don't know.

Part of the Problem is the awkward stages the hair goes through while you are letting it grow long. Plus the texture of my hair has changed and it may not lie the same on my head.

I also hesitate letting my hair grow long again because what if I have to have more chemo. Hair gone again. Less traumatic if the hair is short, I think. I did not get real upset when we cut my hair short when I started chemo. We sort of made a party of it. But, I do not see that happening if I have to go through all this again.

The niece that inquired about her aunt's hair may want to consider she may be going through the same thing. Maybe she found a short cut that she likes and does not want to go through growing her hair long again. Maybe she is afraid to let it grow long again. Maybe she knows she will have to have some more treatments but has not told everyone else.

The niece should be thankful her aunt is there (and I am sure she is) and enjoy everyday. She said her aunt's hair was so beautiful but I bet if she really thought about it, Her aunt's beauty inside made the hair beautiful.

Well, I guess I will ponder what to do about my mop of hair. Maybe someone knows what short hair style would look good on my puffy (med) round face and give me some hints.

Everyone have a Great Day and Good Health.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Items for Sale on eBay to Help pay Cancer Bills

I hope everyone had a Great 4th of July and did not eat too much food or get too much sunburn. (watch that for skin cancer:) Ours was nice and relaxing. We could watch the fireworks put on by the city from our front porch. I want to thank Rebecca in Texas for purchasing the Avon Ivory Bracelet and Earring set I had listed and had mentioned in the blog before. I appreciate all your help.

I have a couple of items to tell you about today that I hope someone will like.

The first is an Abalone Necklace and Earring set. It is new and can be seen HERE

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All your help is greatly appreciated and I thank everyone for looking.

I am going to have to have my mediport removed as it has come loose and is moving under my skin. It is getting very close to the fold where when you lift your arm and move it up or toward the front the mediport is pinching. Very uncomfortable. (feels like someone is cutting into you with a very sharp knife:(

If anyone else has had this happen please let me know what you had done. Looking for some feedback as to how serious this is and how soon I need to have the surgery done.

Health and Happiness to all Thanks Leigh