Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finished with Chemotherapy, Ya!!

This week has been a great week for me. I have finished the 52 week regimen of Herceptin.
My chemo nurse, Leisa, said I am only the second person she has administered Herceptin to that has been able to get the full 52 week regimen. I had to take a 3 month break from July to September because it caused my infarction rate to drop below 50 (the second time I had to stop) but based on the fact that all the research I have read stated finishing the full 52 weeks gave you the highest percentage in results of effectiveness I felt it was worth continuing until I got the full 52 weeks. The damage to the heart should only be temperary and the heart infarction rate should continue to increase back up to normal. My sister, husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate. Now all I have left if the anti-hormone therapy, Femara, for 4 more years. I have a good feeling that I will not have a reaccurance of the breast cancer. There were times I really did not know if all the treatments would really make that much difference but I do believe they will. All I can say at this point is "It is over". I will be listing the other organizations that I started listing and please check back for them. I just had to let everyone know the good news. Health, Wealth, and Love to all

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The following is a list of ORGANIZATIONS for information about Breast Cancer
This is just a partial list, from the book "100 Questions and Answers about Breast Cancer", and I will list more in the coming days:

American Cancer Society

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Avon Breast Cancer Foundation
an online nonprofit organization

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Breast Cancer Resource Committee

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Will list more tomorrow and Good Health to all.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Cancer Websites for Breast Cancer Information

Hi Everyone, Today I am going to list some web sites with General Cancer Information.

This list is from the back of the book I told you about yesterday and I am sure there are many more today as the internet gets larger and larger everyday. This is for information only and may be of some help in finding information for yourself or a loved one. Good Health to all.

411 (search on "cancer")

Breast Cancer Answers/University of Wisconsin Comprehensive

Cancer Center,

CancerWiseTM/MD Anderson Cancer Center,

National Cancer Institute's Cancer Net Service,

if you know of more let us know.

Tomorrow I will list some of the organizations listed in the book.

Please check back.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100 Q & A about Breat Cancer

Hi, Sometimes the best made plans fall apart, I had planned the post every week starting in November when I did my last post but the Holidays, Chemo, Doctor visits, more test and so on and so on I haven't. Sorry. I am doing pretty good right now. Started back on the Herceptin to get in my 52 treatments and so far my heart infarction rate has stayed high enough to continue. Right now I have 2 treatments left.
I have been trying to sell items on eBay to help with the Doctor payments. Friends have given me item to sell and some have but I have some great items listed and will be listing some more this week. Go to my eBay store, Decor Glass and Home at and see if there is something you may find to purchase and help me pay the doctors.
I came across a book that I have found answers a lot of questions about breast cancer. I am not sure where I got it but your oncologist may be able to get it as my copy is compliments of AstraZeneca. It goes into a lot of information about what causes breast cancer, how will breast cancer treatment affect intimacy and sexuality, what are the options available for treatment, and how do I get my life back to normal. It is by Zora K. Brown and Harold P Freeman, MD.
It is published by Jones and Bartlett ( or ). I would check with my doctors or the local library. I am going to start listing some of the resources that are in the back of the book so please check back. Good Health to you all and Hang in There. Leigh