Saturday, September 12, 2009

"TLC" Wigs, Hats, Headwraps and more for Cancer Patients

Hi Everyone, Sorry I have been out of touch but family medical situations have kept me very busy lately.
I was going over a lot of my breast cancer information and wanted to let everyone know about a booklet the American Cancer Society puts out. It is called "TLC" and it has hats, scarves, wigs, breast inserts for your bra, tank tops and camisoles with pocketed bras, and
pocketed bras.
I loved the lovies my sister got me. They kept my head warm at night and were comfortable to sleep in. I did not wear a wig and it seemed that the only time my head got cold was at night. During the day I was OK going "ala natural".
My husband said I had a great shaped head.
With cold weather on its way, if you are expecting to be going through chemo and no hair, you may want to check out the lovely hats they have.
You can request the catalog from the American Cancer Society website: Even it you do not buy from them, you will get a chance to see what is available and maybe look around your town to see what you can find locally. The booklet can give you some great ideas.
Stay healthy and informed.