Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hydration, Health Drinks, Energy Drinks and History, Who Knew!

Cancer patients are told that keeping hydrated is one of the most important thing you need for your body. You are told to drink a full glass of water with your medication and when you have chemo because if you are not hydrating these chemicals can become concentrated in your blood and body and become toxic. This is all very true. (I found out the hard way when my toe nail began bleeding and fell off from Taxol toxicity.) The following is a brief history of health drinks and energy drinks that I found very interesting.

Always discuss with your doctor what drinks you can and can not have and how much you can have.

Health Drinks: A History

Ancient Chinese have long believed in the benefits of drinking natural health drinks to improve one’s health disposition. Tea has been drunk for at least 4,000 years. While coffee has been around for centuries. Both have immense benefits for health improvement.

Tea was first discovered in China in 2737 B.C. According to Chinese records, the emperor would only drink water which is boiled to make sure that it was indeed clean. During a trip, a servant boiled water and a dried leaf fell on the boiling water. It turned the water brown but was still served to the emperor. The emperor drank the concoction and found it very refreshing.

Coffee, on the other hand, can be traced as early as the 9th century. Coffee was largely cultivated in Ethiopia. Soon, the Arabs started trading it, bringing it to northern Africa where it was mass-cultivated. After being popular in Africa, it started to enter Indian and European Markets.

Europe and Asia pioneered energy drinks. In 1901, the first energy drink was released in Scotland called Im-Bru. While in Japan, their energy drinks can be traced as early as the 1960s. Although they cite that there were already some attempts in mixing different minerals with water before World War II, they released Lipovitan in early 1960s. South Korea also produced “genki drinks” which were also energy drinks.

In 1929, Lucozade Energy was used as a hospital drink in the United Kingdom. This drink was primarily for helping the speedy recovery of hospital patients. In the 1980s, this drink was commercially released as an energy drink meant to replace lost energy.

The worldwide leading energy drink, Red Bull, was created and marketed by an Austrian entrepreneur. This leading energy drink was created in Europe. It was based on a Thai drink called Krating Daeng, which is also based on Lipovitan. Red Bull entered the United States market in 1997, and currently the dominant brand. It’s approximate market share is as big as 47 percent.

For sports drinks, the first one created was for the purpose of improving the performance of athletes and sports star, was for the Florida Gators. That is why the first product, which was released during 1960s, was called Gatorade. The main purpose of this drink is to provide to lengthen the performance levels and aid hydration of athletes.

As early as 1985, the United States had started to introduce energy drinks. They had the Jolt Cola. While in 1995, PepsiCo launched the Josta. This was the first energy drink made by a leading United States beverage company.

Since then, energy drinks have started to gain fair market share and popularity. More and more companies are taking advantage of such popularity and high demand.

Most people who consume energy drinks are within the range of 13 to 35 years old. Young adult and male drinkers comprise 65 percent of the target market.

Since 2001, the increase of the energy drink market has been increasing by 50 percent every year. Since this market is relatively new, with 20 years under its belt, there is still much hype about it.

More and more people seek out energy drinks and new developments. People are trying to be heath conscious amidst all the pressure of a high and fast paced life. With the demand increasing, there are unlimited possibilities.

We are trying to discover ways in fitting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we can have in just one gulp. Health can be just in one drink.
Maybe soon we will be living in the Real Sci-Fi world where all your vitamins and nutrients are in a pill or water. The question is are we ready to give up the taste of steak, lobster, squash, baked potato with sour cream, chives and bacon bits, or chocolate cake. No, I don't think so! Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There are still Kind and Generous People out there, even in these Hard Times.

Today I received a donation from a wonderful person in Dallas, TX. I wish to thank her for her generosity and to express my feelings of gratitude.

The past almost 2 years have sometimes been a struggle to keep going. The kindness and generosity of wonderful people like this person and the great friends and family I have are what have kept me going.

Due to the loopholes in my state's Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer bill I am not covered. I was diagnosed at a doctor's office and was sent directly to the hospital for a mammogram and then to the surgeons. I did not even know about the program as I had only lived here for 9 months and I had no insurance.

I want to Thank everyone that has helped, from a donation of cash to donation of items to sell on eBay. From food brought over for us to transportation to the doctors. Every little thing that you have done is a "Big Thing" to me and my family. God Bless to you all and Thank You Again. Leigh

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cancer Patients - Swine Flu - Take Precautions - Stay Safe

There has been much news yesterday and today about the SWINE FLU coming up from Mexico.

As a Cancer Patient you must be more diligent than most when you hear about this type of breakout.

Take extra precaution when out in public. If you see someone is coughing or sneezing try to stay as far away from them as possible and cover your mouth and nose. This will help keep you from breathing in anything they may be coughing or sneezing out.

I know that if your blood white count is low you should not be out in a crowd but sometimes you just have to be there. (doctor's offices, testing facilities, etc.) WEAR A MASK!!! My doctor told me that I did not need to wear my mask at her office even if my white count was low. Even people with cancer do get colds and the flu. Should you take a chance. I say NO! When I was taking chemo my white counts dropped down to 500. I wore my mask anytime I left my house or when company was coming over.

Little children can be some of the most contagious because they are exposed to other kids at daycare and school. When your grandchild comes up to give you a hug, do you push him away. I don't think so. If you have explained to him that you have to wear the mask to get better he will understand and my grandson told me it was the most important thing I could do. GET WELL! (I love that little guy) I even let him draw funny pictures on some of mine to make it easier for him.

Even the most well meaning neighbor or friend can have a sniffle. Protect yourself.

The Swine Flu has already caused many deaths in Mexico and there are many cases being reported in the US and the World.

Sanitize, Wash Hands, keep from touching eyes and mouth, and cover your mouth with a tissue if you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue away.

Protect Yourself and the best of health to you all.

for more information go here

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Must Read on Alternative Cancer Treatments!

STOP! You must read this information before you decide about your cancer treatment. Over 350 non-toxic natural and alternative treatments that have helped thousands of people beat their cancer. Over 2,000 testimonials! Success rates for surgery, chemo and radiation revealed! Free information on financial and other help available. Download this set of 4 e-Books and Reports NOW. It could save your life.
Click on any of the books to get more information on these 4 e-Books. I found the information great and will be using it in the future to stay cancer free.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

AL Rep. Lea Fite's Cancer Bill goes to Gov. Riley

Representative Lea Fite (D-Jacksonville) has gotten his bill to improve cancer treatment for the women of Alabama passed by the State Senate this week and the bill will go to Governor Riley to be signed into law.

The purpose of the bill is to increase treatment coverage of Breast and Cervical Cancer for women who qualify for Medicaid. Under the current law, Medicaid only covers treatment if women are diagnosed at a federally funded clinic. The bill would expand coverage for women who are diagnosed at other health care providers.

"As a husband of a breast cancer survivor, I know how terrible it is for families who have to go through this. We had good insurance, and I don't know how women go through it with no insurance." said Fite.

Thank you Representative Fite for offering HOPE to the Women of Alabama.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

History of Relay for Life - American Cancer Society event

Yesterday I was telling you about the Relay for Life event coming up in May that helps the American Cancer Society with all they do for cancer patients and their families, research, and information.

I was wondering how the Relay for Life got started and thought I would let you know what I found out. Enjoy the story.

History of Relay For Life

One person can make a difference. Nowhere is that more evident than with the story of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, which began in Tacoma, Washington, as the City of Destiny Classic 24-Hour Run Against Cancer.

In the mid-1980s, Dr. Gordy Klatt, a Tacoma colorectal surgeon, wanted to enhance the income of his local American Cancer Society office. He decided to personally raise money for the fight by doing something he enjoyed—running marathons.

In May 1985, Dr. Klatt spent a grueling 24 hours circling the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma for more than 83 miles. Throughout the night, friends paid $25 to run or walk 30 minutes with him. He raised $27,000 to fight cancer.

That first year, nearly 300 of Dr. Klatt's friends, family, and patients watched as he ran and walked the course.

While he circled the track those 24 hours, he thought about how others could take part. He envisioned a 24-hour team relay event that could raise more money to fight cancer. Months later he pulled together a small committee to plan the first team relay event known as the City of Destiny Classic 24-Hour Run Against Cancer.

In 1986, 19 teams took part in the first team relay event on the track at the colorful, historical Stadium Bowl and raised $33,000. An indescribable spirit prevailed at the track and in the tents that dotted the infield.

I hope you found the story inspirational and get started with your own team this year.

for more information go here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Relay for Life helps the American Cancer Society

Relay For Life is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

How to Participate
Relay brings people together from all walks of life with the common goal of eliminating cancer. No matter who you are, there’s a place for you at Relay. Join us today!

Become a Team Captain
Fighting cancer is a team effort. The strength of people coming together for a common cause is greater than the strength of one.

Relay For Life is a great way for corporations to demonstrate their commitment to fighting cancer in the community.

Survivorship Activies
Please join us as our honorary guest in the Survivors Lap, which begins Relay for Life. Your strength and courage help the community see that cancer survivorship is real--that we are making progress in the battle against cancer.

Relay for Life is a community gathering, where everyone can participate in the fight against cancer. We need your help before, during, and after Relay.

Sign up and Participate in the Relay for Life!! No matter who you are, there’s a place for you at Relay. Join us today!

go here for more information

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Check up today, Mammogram time

Just a quick note to say my Mammogram came out clear today. Had it taken yesterday and got the results today. Just some information for anyone who has been put on Ace Inhibitors for their heart. If you have a dry cough check with your doctor. Ace Inhibitors are known to cause dry coughs. After going to the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor and him just changing my allergy medicine ( to one that cost $100.00 per month supply) and saying we will just have to try a few different ones till one works, I found out that it is very common for the Ace Inhibitors to cause the cough. So if you have this problem check this out. Information only. I hope to get off the Ace Inhibitors soon so maybe the cough will go away, please. Well, this was just a quick note so I will be back soon. If you have had similar problems please let me know how you solved them. Leigh