Monday, February 8, 2010

eBay Changes make me Close my eBay Store

Due to the way eBay is changing the fee structure I have had to make some changes in my eBay business.

I will be listing some of the items from my store on auction one last time and then they will go to charity.

Other items I will let the 30 day listing run until the 29th day and then cancel the item and give it to charity.

As I list new items they will be on auction for one week and will then be given to charity.

I have appreciated everyone’s help but because of the New eBay Seller changes and Fee increases I can no longer maintain the store. I hope everyone will put me in their favorites so as I list new items they will be notified and have a chance to bid before they are gone.

I still have friends and family that are giving me wonderful items to list to help in meeting my medical needs and I want to thank them and everyone that has purchased from me for their help, You all give me great strength to keep fighting.

Please go check out my listings before they are gone: Decor Glass and Home

Thank you so very much, Leigh, Glasslady50