Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Flashes from Menopause or Cancer Meds, Good for you?

As a woman that is going through “Hot Flashes”, mood swings, night sweats; not from menopause but from cancer medication, it is interesting to hear that hot flashes may help protect the heart. An article in the March 14, 2011, Time Magazine, by Alice Park, states that according to the latest research, it turns out that women who have these episodes in their 50’s or 60’s also have an 11% lower risk of heart disease over the next 10 years, compared with women who don’t suffer the same symptoms.

Because heart-disease risk increases in women’s postmenopausal years as levels of the heart-protective hormone estrogen decline, this risk reduction is potentially lifesaving.

My cancer medications are having the same effect of lowering the estrogen so I am hoping that this means that it will be helping my heart as well as fighting cancer.

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